The Story Behind My Songs

Musicians have hard lives.  Maybe you do too.  It’s a blessing and a curse.  I can tell you one thing; when you go through hardships, you learn a lot about yourself.  Loud guitars and open lyrics are one way for us to deal with the battles we face.  When I kick into a heavy riff or hit a section of a song where I can just pound away at the guitar, I forget about the problems I can’t solve.  It’s freeing for a moment and downright fun.  It’s also a place for us to process things that we sometimes don’t know how to talk about.  Have you ever laid it all on the line to pursue a dream just to fail?  I have.  Have you ever put your heart on the line for a relationship that suddenly fell apart?  I have.  Have you been haunted by your past mistakes and battled depression?  I have.  But it wasn’t for nothing, and we are not alone.

My name is Nathan and I am a local musician from Wichita, Kansas.  I perform under the name Vandarth.  My songs are a musical journal of the things I’ve experienced in life.  I am sure you’ve experienced a lot of the same feelings and maybe you’re struggling to make sense out of it all.  Or maybe you just need a dose of fun and energy that guitar-driven music can bring into your life.  I can’t promise to be able to solve all of life’s problems but I do know that music brings value, meaning and inspiration to our lives.  Here’s a short video I created to introduce myself and my music.

So here we are.  If you’ve read this far, then maybe you can relate to what music brings to my life.  In a few days I’ll be sending you an e-mail containing the story and meaning behind the first song I sent you, titled Stay With Me.  Writing that song helped me process a very difficult life event, and today whenever I hear the intro of the song, I feel a burst of energy.  There’s more music and behind-the-song stories to come.  Thanks for being a listener, and talk to you soon!



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