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“…An electrifying and emotionally complex journey.”

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Atmospheric alt/rock with a heavy twist, Space Coffin is an epic and emotionally complex journey.  It’s a balance of heavy riffs, atmosphere, and the most emotionally vulnerable lyrics I’ve ever written.  Throughout the writing and recording of this album, I faced some of the most difficult challenges of my life.  In fact, halfway through the recording of this album, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to sing again.  Space Coffin is the musical journal of these battles.

I am sure you can relate to some of the feelings I experienced while writing this album.  Maybe your own journey has been even crazier than mine.  Throughout the making of this album, I experienced the beginning and end of significant relationships, I moved halfway across the country to pursue a career in music, I paralyzed one of my vocal cords, took a long hiatus from music, moved to a new city (again) and I began rebuilding my life as a musician and as a person.  The songs written along the way cover everything from excitement, adventure, shock, devastation, to spiritual exploration and the road to healing.

Space Coffin is filled with powerful riffs and passionate vocals.  At other times, it’s atmospheric and thoughtful, encouraging us to reflect on our journeys.  The lyrics are so open and honest at times, I nearly didn’t release all of the songs, but that openness is what makes this album so meaningful.  The album is intended to be a connecting point between the artist and listener; the music is a place where we can process the challenges that shape all of us while learning from them so we can move toward the future. There are plenty of melodic hooks and pounding beats throughout so if all else fails, at least we can head-bang together!

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