About Vandarth

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“Listening to my music is like getting a glimpse into the way I see the world.  I can say things through music that I wouldn’t always share in conversation.  Hearing one of my songs is almost like finding my personal journal lying around for everyone to read,” says Vandarth, a solo musician from Wichita, KS.  “It’s almost embarrassing at times to be that open.  Sometimes I almost hesitate to sing certain lines of lyrics live because of it, but ultimately it’s what gives my music its strength and meaning.

There’s more to Vandarth’s signature sound than his passionate vocals and vulnerable lyrics.  His songs also come with a heavy dose of garage-rock riffs that you can’t help but head-bang to.  Each album channels the raw guitar tone of the 90’s and combines it with the drive and melody of today’s popular music.  The result is music that is both accessible and innovative.  “One of my biggest influences is Dave Grohl.  When I was 16, a friend handed me a copy of their first album and told me Dave Grohl played all of the instruments on that album.  He said, ‘I think you can do something like this,’ so I started recording song after song on my computer,” Vandarth recalls.  “That moment really changed my life.”

Over the years, Vandarth has recorded several albums including The Essentials (2018), Space Coffin (2020), The Way Through (2020) and Get Loud B-Sides (2021).  Some have described Vandarth as having a “universal sound,” but it’s his arrangements and lyrics that will keep you guessing.  In the future, he hopes to find more opportunities to write and record music and film.

Notable achievements:  Vandarth has licensed a number of original songs to various TV/Film projects.  Recently, his song “Waiting For Me” was featured in the popular Netflix series Cable Girls (Season2 Episode 6).  His song “We Used To Call This Home” was featured in Nitro Circus: The Movie and “Real Men Live In Trees” appeared in the award-winning television series Lost Girl. Vandarth also co-wrote and performed WWE wrestler Baron Corbin’s theme song, “Echoes.”  His music has been licensed by networks and companies such as Sony, PepsiCo Inc, CBS, NBC, Redline Films, Architect Films, PGA Tour Network, Nascar Media Network, Bell Media Network and more.