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Loud guitars.  Honest, sincere lyrics.  Riffs you can’t help but headbang to.  Vandarth is an alt/rock artist you can relate to.  At a young age, he was fascinated by the sound of electric guitars and live drums.  Inspired by bands like Foo Fighters, Weezer, Our Lady Peace & Chevelle, Vandarth combines the nostalgic guitar sound of 90’s garage bands with the heavy drum sound of today.

At age 16, a friend gave Vandarth a copy of the very first Foo Fighters album; the one where Dave Grohl played every instrument himself.  “I think you could make an album like this,” his friend said.  That day was a pivotal moment for Vandarth; he was blown away by the album and began to write and record his own solo album.  Today, Vandarth performs as a one-man rock machine, but still has dreams of turning “Vandarth” into a full-blown rock band soon.

Lyrically, Vandarth’s songs are vulnerable, open and relatable.  Sometimes there are things in life that we can only speak about through music.  Each of us have unrealized dreams that sometimes seem out of reach, broken relationships that we can’t make sense of, the list goes on.  Vandarth’s energizing music is like an open journal; a place to let it out and share these experiences.  Besides, headbanging to a thick wall of guitars can be therapeutic!

Music energizes us and reminds us that we are not alone in our battles.  Sometimes we just need to know that someone else understands what we’re going through. Other times, we just need a dose of fun in our lives that rock music can provide.  And sometimes, we just need to be inspired by the greatest sound in the world; meaty distortion and loud guitars!!!  Get some free Vandarth music and let’s rock!!

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