Hey planet!  If you’re a fan of sci-fi or alternative rock, the new album Space Coffin might be right up your alley.  On this page you can stream the new Space Coffin singles.  Check out the songs below!

Listen to We Partied During The Zombie Apocalypse:

What’s this song about?  Boarding up your home during a zombie attack and deciding to party and rock-out on the guitar instead of worrying about what’s going on in the outside world.  Interestingly as I type this, coronavirus is going around, and locally everything is slowly shutting down.  It’s not quite a zombie attack, but it sure is getting weird out there.  Seems like a good time to write songs and play Xbox…

Listen to the full studio version of Intergalactic Dating Service:

What’s this song about?  It’s actually about two people from different planets who meet on an online dating service.  Unfortunately for them though, they’re not compatible; neither can survive in the other planet’s atmosphere.  In this song, they realize they can’t survive in each other’s world.  Practical application?  Well, have you ever dated someone who just seemed to be from a different planet?  I have.  More often I’ve probably seemed like an alien to other women.  Hahaha!


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Want more Vandarth?  Check out the new album Space Coffin!

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Space Coffin is not currently available on streaming services, but the two singles on this page and my previous album are available wherever you stream music.