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HEADBANG THE PAIN AWAY!  Vandarth is just one guy recording in a house, pouring his heart and soul into honest and relate-able rock songs and beating the tar out of his guitar. Space Coffin is his second and newest album, exploring heavier riffs and darker topics than his debut album The Essentials.  There’s plenty of headbanging to be had.

Written over the course of 10 years, Space Coffin is a personal journal through Vandarth’s adventures and heartaches.  In some songs, guitars and drums pound away like a wall of sound.  Other songs create a reflective atmosphere and grapple with finding hope in a difficult time.

The lyrics throughout the album are psychologically complex, a reflection of the challenges Vandarth faced during the writing process.  An engagement ended.  His band of 7 years moved on to another phase of life.  He moved 1,000 miles away to pursue a music career, leaving another significant relationship behind.  Immediately after that, he paralyzed a vocal chord and had to learn to sing again from scratch, a process that would take years.  Depression took its toll.  After a several-year-hiatus, he returned to music and delivered Space Coffin, an emotionally complex journal of a songwriter’s journey.  From start to finish, Space Coffin will take you on an inspiring, guitar-driven journey from brokenness to healing.

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