Hear the Space Coffin B-Sides! 

Get 6 Free Unreleased Songs recorded during the making of Space Coffin.

Hey there!  Thanks so much for being a listener.  As a way to say thanks for purchasing Space Coffin, you’ll be receiving a bunch of unreleased songs that I recorded while making the album.

I divided the Space Coffin B-sides into two sets.  You’ll find the first set on this page, and they’re available to everyone on my e-mail list.  You might already have some of the songs on this page, but here are the streaming/download links in case you missed any.  Part 2 is only available to people who purchased Space Coffin, and you’ll begin receiving those special songs in your inbox soon.  In the meantime, listen or download the first set of b-sides below!

Free Song Download Links:

Download Last One Down:  [Download not found]

Download Wake Up & Run:  [Download not found]

Download Household Abandoned:  [Download not found]

Download Save These Skies:  [Download not found]

Download Wingman:  [Download not found]

Download I’ve Got Everything I Need Right Here In My Utility Belt:  [Download not found]



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