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“…Honest, raw, guitar-driven rock. Vandarth’s lyrics are relate-able and his energy is inspiring.”


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Vandarth is just one guy recording in a house, pouring his heart and soul into honest and relate-able rock songs. He’s not a rock star or celebrity; he is just a normal guy from Wichita, Kansas whose music speaks for all of us. If you’re a fan of bands like Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World and Weezer, Vandarth is an artist to get to know.

Vandarth’s sound is a wall of thick guitars and memorable vocal melodies. Drawing inspiration from 90’s garage bands, the passion and energy behind each song is infectious. There is something honest and open about the music he writes, as if each song was lifted directly from the pages of a personal journal. His unique combination of vulnerable lyrics and driving energy create a very intimate and enjoyable listening experience.

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