Free Song:  Save These Skies

Ahoy!  I’m stoked to share with you a song that not many people get to hear.  There were several great songs that I had to cut from Space Coffin because I recorded over 40 songs during the making of the album.  But now I get to share this laid-back alt/rock ballad with you!  Listen or download below!

Download The Song Here:  Vandarth-Save-These-Skies.mp3


Quick Summary:

  • Style:  Alt/Rock
  • Mood:  Laid back, relaxed, reflective
  • Influenced by:  Foo Fighters, Tom Petty
  • What it’s about:  Shortly after I moved down to Austin, Texas to chase my dream of becoming a professional musician, I hit some hard times.  Money was tight and I went through a breakup with the girl I had been dating from my hometown in Indiana.  This song was written about how dreams can keep us going when we hit hard times.
  • Why it didn’t make the album:  This is a great song that fits the mood and describes what I was going through, but I just had too many other ballads on the album already.  I chose Optical Opus over this one just to help the album feel a little more uplifting, but this song seems like one that could have easily fit right in on the final album.


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