Life Is Strange

It’s here!  Life Is Strange – the first single from my upcoming album The Way Through.  Listen on Spotify and watch the behind-the-song video below!  You can also vote on which song from the album you’d like for me to release to streaming services next at the bottom of this page.

This song’s influences:  Kings of Leon, Red Hot Chili Peppers (particularly the drum part).

Life Is Strange is available on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, iTunes and more.  Get the story behind the song below!

Choose my next single!

I’d love to know which song you’d like for me to release on Spotify next!  I’m not planning to release my entire album to streaming services, but I do plan to pick 2 more singles to send to streaming services.  So which of these songs would you like to see released on Spotify and other services?  Take a listen to the demo clips and vote below!

Vote for the next Vandarth single below!

Vandarth · The Way Through preview

Which song should be the next Vandarth single?


Thanks for being a part of this experience with me!  Months ago, I released a poll asking what kind of music you wanted to hear next.  Many of you wanted to hear something acoustic-driven, so I began working on this album.  It never would have happened without your input!  How cool is THAT?  Your opinions shaped this album!

The Strangers clip showcases a bit of the synthesizer that my friend Tyler Habig added to the album.  Pretty cool huh?  I can’t wait ’til you hear the string parts he added on some of the other songs!  Drop me a line on Facebook, Instagram or via e-mail if you have any comments!  Thanks so much,


Nathan (aka Vandarth)