Thank You – A special acoustic song recorded for you


Hey!  I wanted to say thank you for supporting and encouraging me as a musician by giving you a live acoustic version of Intergalactic Dating Service, one of the singles from my 2020 album Space Coffin.  You can stream or download the acoustic version of this spacey, atmospheric song below:


DOWNLOAD MP3: Vandarth-Intergalactic-Dating-Service-live-studio-acoustic-performance.mp3


The song is actually about someone who is dating a space alien but the couple can’t be together because neither person can survive on the other’s planet.  It’s a funny idea delivered in a serous song.  The real-life parallels are no joke though; I was subconsciously writing about my bad habit of dating women who weren’t real comfortable with my rock’n roll starving-artist lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy the song and have a couple laughs.  If you want to hear the album version, it is available here on the album Space Coffin or as a single on Spotify and other streaming services.


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I had some fun and made a T-Shirt to go along with this song as well.  Check it out below!




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