Honest, refreshing and emotionally raw. Grab your favorite craft beer and headbang with one of the most relatable alt-rock artists in a very long while…

…and now you can download 5 songs for free!

Listen to what others are saying about Vandarth!

“Vandarth serves up a heaping helping of progressive metal, rock and punk with an anthemic sound that raises you up and never lets you down.” – Universal Production Music
“Vandarth blends hard rockin’ guitars and drums with his smooth, passionate voice. The creative harmonies and song structure will take you on a story-telling journey reminiscent of Billy Joel’s music, but he sounds like the Foo Fighters!” – Tyler Habig, Sweetwater Sound
“Vandarth tantalizes your eardrums from super tight drum beats to fresh melodic guitar riffs that take you on a journey. At the end that journey you are left wanting more and more!” – Eric Pierce, ICT Radio


Listeners who long for loud, raw guitars and emotionally-deep lyrics will instantly connect with Vandarth.  There is nothing more honest than a songwriter without a record label, recording the unfiltered ideas and passionate riffs generated from within his own heart.  While you’ll find plenty of melodic hooks and catchy choruses here, you’ll also experience an epic and emotional journey that often can’t be found in popular mainstream music.  If you love bands like Foo Fighters and early Weezer, you’ll find plenty of nostalgia with a modern twist in Vandarth’s music.

Vandarth’s lyrics don’t shy away from self-reflection.  Listening to one of his albums is much like reading the pages of someone else’s personal journal.  Not only will you find yourself headbanging along, but you’ll also find his lyrics strangely relatable.  There’s no glam here; just honesty and energy.

For a limited time, Vandarth is giving away a FREE 5-song album titled the Fragment EP.  Just enter your name and e-mail address in the right hand side of this page and you will immediately receive an e-mail containing a download link for free music.

So enter your name and e-mail address now, and pour your favorite craft beer.  It’s time to headbang and analyze life together!