Aha!  That makes sense.  You want to headbang and feel the energy of loud, cranked GUITARS and DRUMS!  You have good taste!

Thanks for your feedback, it really does help me understand what kind of music you might want to hear from me.  Your feedback really does matter, and I take it into account when deciding what to write and record!

I’m currently working on a rock album titled Metanoia that you might like.  It sounds like if Foo Fighers, Chevelle and Pearl Jam had a baby.  Weird!  It’ll hopefully be ready for release in late 2020 or early 2021.  In the meantime, you might enjoy Space Coffin if you haven’t checked it out already.  It has a good mix, but contains a few heavier tracks like B Is For Bombs.  Click here if you want to preview it!

Talk to you soon!  Sincerely,

Nathan (aka Vandarth)