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I’ve Got Everything I Need Right Here In My Utility Belt

Hello!  Here’s the last free song in my Space Coffin B-Sides Part 1 series!  Thank you so much for being a listener.  This last song has a bit of “dance-rock” to it, and some cool riffs!  Listen or download below!

Download the Song Here:  Vandarth-Ive-Got-Everything-I-Need-Right-Here-In-My-Utility-Belt.mp3


Quick Summary:

  • Style:  Dance-rock, Alt/Rock
  • Mood:  Fast, Huge, Cool
  • Influenced by:  Them Crooked Vultures, Weezer
  • What it’s about:  I watched Oceans 11 and dreamed up this fantasy about going to Las Vegas and dressing up like someone else to play poker.  It’s about hiding behind a pretend identity among a room full of people who are doing the same.
  • Why it didn’t make the album:  While this song has some awesome riffs and a really cool chorus, I wasn’t sold on the lyrics overall.  I went through a phase where I wrote a lot of satire.  Later on, I felt like my satirical songs didn’t seem as lyrically “inspired,” but the music to this song is quite cool.


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