Song:  “The Will”

Hey there!  This week I’m sending you another unreleased song called The Will.  This song has a much different “sound” than most of my songs; it features a more raw drum sound and a scratch vocal track that I never intended to use for the final mix.  Streaming and download links are found below!

  • Recording location:  Austin, TX
  • Inspired by:  Pearl Jam’s album Backspacer
  • What it’s about:  Women!  Need I say more?  Haha… After I moved to Texas, my girlfriend stayed behind in Indiana.  This song was about my “will” for the relationship to make it through the challenge of being 1,000 miles apart.  I wanted to tell her I wouldn’t give up.  Ironically, she never heard this song.  But you did!
  • Notes: When I first completed the song, for some reason I thought it was too “weird” to include on an album.  However, when I returned to it recently to remix it, I really enjoyed it.  I like the darker tones, obscure drums and the effects on the lead guitar.

Download The Song Here:  Vandarth-The-Will.mp3

Hope you enjoy this one!  It’s a sneak peak at what some of my more polished “demos” look like!


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