Song: “I Can See The Future”

Welcome back to the Space Coffin B-Sides series!  This unreleased song has a very interesting backstory; Dave Grohl tried to give me my dream guitar.  Seriously!  This song requires a special behind-the-song blog because it’s such a crazy story!

The story behind the song:  One summer evening, my fiance and I attended a Foo Fighters concert in Indianapolis.  That night, Dave Grohl played a black Gibson jumbo acoustic guitar on stage (a J-200 I believe! Very expensive!)  It was the most beautiful guitar I had ever seen in my life.

The only problem was it wouldn’t stay in tune.  Dave Grohl was just rocking too hard.  After much frustration, Dave asked his guitar tech if he could smash the guitar.  The tech nervously pleaded with Dave not to smash it.  They went back and forth for a moment before Dave finally nodded, saying “I’m gonna do it!” and he smashed the acoustic guitar of my dreams right before my eyes.

Dave threw the smashed body of the guitar out into the audience where I was standing in the third row with my fiance.  In fact, Dave threw it right to me.  He literally gave me my dream guitar!  Sure, it was in pieces, but I could mount it on the wall, or sell it as memorabilia and buy a functional guitar.  Someone would surely pay big bucks for Dave Grohl’s personal guitar, even in pieces!  But just as I took hold of the guitar body, someone in front of me grabbed it out of my hands and pulled it away.  It was gone, just like that.

Two months later, my fiance broke off our engagement.  One night she showed up at my doorstep and handed me the engagement ring I had given her a little over a year before.  I was pretty devastated.  In fact, I felt so down about my future that I originally titled this song “I Can See The Future And It Sucks!”  But later that week I had an idea; I could sell the ring to buy my dream guitar, just like the one Dave Grohl had thrown towards me from the stage at the Foo Fighters show!

This master plan seemed brilliant but it quickly hit a snag.  I visited several diamond stores and pawn shops but nobody would pay more than 20% of what I paid for the ring.  Finally, I sold it on eBay for a mere $350.  What a waste!!  I couldn’t come up with the funds to buy a Gibson J-200, but there was a special sale on another model with similar looks; a black Gibson Songwriter Special.  The price tag on that baby was $1,500, but I didn’t mind going a little over budget. Besides… THIS was for my MIND!  This was a symbol of healing and moving forward!  I could assume my TRUE identity by buying my dream guitar!  And so I did.


That’s the story behind this song.  Grief and guitars.  I probably didn’t release this song on my official album because I feel bad for calling my ex-fiance “evil” in the lyrics.  In reality, we were just kids; we were incompatible and didn’t know it.  But, I do like the song and the silky falsetto backup vocals.  I haven’t been able to hit notes that high since my vocal cord injury back in 2013, so this recording is a little extra special for me now.  Hope you enjoy it!   -Nathan

Listen to “I Can See The Future:

Download Link:  Vandarth-I-Can-See-The-Future.mp3


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