A Public Display Of Facebook-icide

The picture to the left seems to accurately describe this song and show you what a nutjob I am capable of being.  🙂  This is definitely my most bizarre Vandarth song!   It was part of the Space Coffin B-Sides.  I’m hoping you find it entertaining, rock ‘n roll and a little bit humorous all at the same time.



Quick Hits:

  • Recording location:  Avon, Indiana
  • Inspired By:  Weezer’s Pinkerton album
  • Interesting fact:  The guitars were recorded in a glass room.  My roommate got a puppy, and while I was working on this song, he pooped under my desk.  Hahaha!
  • What’s it about?  It’s a fictional story about someone who is slowly having a meltdown and making it very public on Facebook.  It’s meant to be a commentary on how open we are on social media these days.  There’s something very honest about transparency, but is there such a thing as too much transparency?  I dunno.  You tell me!


Listen Below:

Download Link:  Vandarth-A-Public-Display-of-Facebook-icide.mp3


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