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Canon Part 2 In-Depth Blog: Moving From Anger And Betrayal To Hope

In this second part of Behind The Song Canon in Drop D, we take a look at the events that inspired the explosive second half of the epic rock-opera.  I broke out the heavy guitar riffs and double-bass on drums for this song.  It’s powerful and cannot be contained!

You’ve probably been through a situation in your life when you experienced a series of conflicting emotions; the events that make up this song are no different.  Canon is broken up into four sections; The calm before storm, the destruction of life-as-I-knew-it, wrestling with hopes and fears, and acceptance of life’s circumstances.  The first movement as we examined in the last blog was light and upbeat, but it foreshadowed the turmoil to come.  Then, a couple minutes into the song, everything changes.  If you haven’t downloaded the song yet, click here to download it for free along with four other songs.  Prepare yourself!  We’re about to face the darkness… but we’ll find our way out.  Click here to read the full blog.


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