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Ahoy!  Thanks for checking out my free song.  This inspirational rock anthem is only available to mailing list subscribers!  Woohoo!  Here are the links to stream and download the song:

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The story behind the song

15 Minutes was an interesting song to write.  When I lived in Austin Texas, I volunteered for awhile at Gateway Church as a discussion facilitator for teenagers.  One morning, a kid shared a story about his mother’s near-death experience.  She had been declared medically dead and recalled looking down from a birds-eye-view at her own body while the paramedics stood by.  Somehow her heart started again.  As weird as this story sounded, the near-deceased mom could recall seeing details that she shouldn’t have known because she should have been unconscious; things she saw the doctors do that were too specific to be made up.  Another teen in the room had heard a similar story from one of his relatives.

I found this topic to be fascinating.  In fact, I did some research after the discussion that day and found that out-of-body experiences where people view themselves from above are more common than one might initially think.  Scientists don’t yet know how to explain them.  At this time in my life, I had just paralyzed my right vocal cord a few months before and the injury had ended my rock’n roll quest in Texas.  I realized my priorities had been a little out of whack; I was so into music that I neglected my social life and missed out on deeper friendships with some really great people.  I needed to start rethinking my life so when I wrote this song, I inserted myself into the stories I had heard.  The song became a fictional story where I was hit by a car, had a near-death experience and returned to my body to live the life I should have been living before the accident.  It marked a perspective change for me personally, and I began to strive to value relationships and other people more than my own musical pursuits.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on this topic.  Have you had a near-death experience or know someone who has?  If you insert yourself into the story inside this song, is there anything you’d like to change about your life?  I still have things I’d like to change… but hey, at least we’re on the journey!  Hope you have fun headbanging to this one.  It’s epic!


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