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When the world said rock music was dead, he picked up his guitar and said “No.” Vandarth is an alt/rock artist inspired by Dave Grohl to become a one-man-rock-band.  At a young age, he was fascinated by the sound of electric guitars and live drums.  As a teenager he set out to make home recordings with a sound big enough to fill arenas.

At age 16, a friend gave Vandarth a copy of the very first Foo Fighters album; the one where Dave Grohl played every instrument himself.  “I think you could make an album like this,” his friend said.  That day was a pivotal moment for Vandarth; he was blown away by the album and began to write and record his own solo album.  When listening to one of his albums, you’d never know what you’re hearing is just one man.  Today he performs as a solo singer/songwriter but still has dreams of turning “Vandarth” into a full-blown rock band someday soon.

Notable achievements:  Vandarth has licensed a number of original songs to various TV/Film projects.  Recently, his orchestral track “The Pit” was featured on Saturday Night Live (click here to view on YouTube).  The emotional ballad “Waiting For Me” from the album Vandarth: The Essentials was featured in the popular Netflix series Cable Girls (Season2 Episode 6).  The heavy track “B is for Bombs” from the album Space Coffin appeared in the video game Saints Row V: Gat Out Of Hell. His song “We Used To Call This Home” was featured in Nitro Circus: The Movie and “Real Men Live In Trees” appeared in the award-winning television series Lost Girl. Vandarth also co-wrote and performed WWE wrestler Baron Corbin’s theme song, “Echoes.”  His music has been licensed by networks and companies such as Sony, PepsiCo Inc, CBS, NBC, Redline Films, Architect Films, PGA Tour Network, Nascar Media Network, Bell Media Network and more.