Free Song Download:  Wake Up & Run

Hey!  Thanks for being a listener!  Here’s a fun free song from the Space Coffin sessions called Wake Up & Run.  Listen or download below!

Download the song here:  Vandarth-Wake-Up-Run.mp3

Quick Summary:

  • Style:  Pop/rock
  • Mood:  Fun, upbeat
  • Influenced by:  Kings of Leon
  • What it’s about:  It’s about the excitement of those early dates after meeting someone new.  When I wrote this, I was about to go on a date to the local zoo.  Unfortunately that date went very poorly and we broke up afterwards, but I still remember how light and fun many of my early dates were.  Ironically, I have had several bad dates at the zoo… is it my kryptonite??
  • Why it didn’t make the album:  This is one of my more “fun” songs.  Some of my friends thought this song was a little goofy.  I like it though!  I went a little crazy with the drum fills though, so between that and the subject being so much lighter than the rest of Space Coffin, I decided it didn’t fit with the theme of the rest of the album.


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