Cast Your Vote And Be Part Of The Songwriting Process!

Hi guys!  I thought it’d be fun to have you help me shape a song I’m writing.  You’ll get to vote on which ideas I should use, which guitar I pick, which drum beat, etc.  You’ll be determining the direction and shape of the song.  I’ll post a new idea to vote on every Friday.  You’ll be able to see the previous rounds on this page too so you can see what decisions you already made.  Vote in the current round below!


Round 4: Choose A Bridge

Which option would make the best bridge for our song?  I don’t have any lyrics yet, but I sang the basic melody over the guitar part.  Listen and vote on the best bridge below!

Which idea should we use for the bridge of the song?
By voting, you acknowledge that the song ideas presented are the intellectual property of Vandarth and the final song is the sole property of Vandarth.  You agree that you do not own the rights to this song.




Previous Rounds

Listen to the song ideas and commentary from previous rounds below:

Round 1 winner:  Song Idea 1

Round 2 winner:  Vocal Melody 3

Round 3 winner:  Chorus Option 1


Thanks for voting!  I can’t wait to see how this song shapes up.  Check back every Friday for a new round!


Nathan (aka Vandarth)


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