Voting is complete!  Vandarth is recording the final song.  Stay tuned for release details!

We finished 10 rounds of voting!  You all chose everything from the initial guitar riff to the best verse, chorus, vocal melody, bass guitar parts, drum guitar parts and synth parts.  I really enjoyed this experiment and might have to find ways to incorporate audience voting again in the future.  Below you can listen to how the song is shaping up as of 4/16, when the final voting round ended.  I’m aiming to release the song on Spotify and other streaming services in late summer so keep an eye out for a release date!

Listen to the song as of 4/16 (voting completed):


Completed Voting Rounds:

Listen to the song ideas and commentary from previous rounds below:

Round 1 winner:  Song Idea 1

Round 2 winner:  Vocal Melody 3

Round 3 winner:  Chorus Option 1

Round 4 winner:  TIE – Bridge options 2 & 3

Round 5 winner:  Verse Arrangement #3:  Strings & Electric Guitar (Mozart with a mohawk!)

Round 6 winner:  Your guitar of choice:  TIE – Les Paul & Flying V

Round 7 Winner:  Drum Beat #2

Round 8 Winner:  Guitar Solo #1

Round 9 Winner:  Bass Part #3 – Complex

Round 10 Winner:  Option #1 – Enola Strings


Thanks for voting!  I can’t wait to see how this song shapes up.  Check back every Friday for a new round!


Nathan (aka Vandarth)


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