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“…Written during social isolation, The Way Through is a musical journal about learning to hope when it’s hard to see.”

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The Way Through is an acoustic-driven rock album unlike any other. It is a sonic journal of our struggle to find hope when we can no longer see it.  In a sort of alt/rock time capsule, The Way Through is much like a musical documentary of what we faced as a society in the year 2020.  While the subject matter is deep, the album intends to provide an injection of energy to inspire and carry us through.

A note from the artist:  “When 2020 began, I found myself in an empty house after going through a divorce and losing my job. No sooner had I began rebuilding my life when the COVID-19 pandemic hit world-wide. A shelter-in-place was issued.  The conditions weren’t exactly ideal for personal healing.  I’ve always believed that headbanging is therapeutic though, so I decided to start writing an album to explore the concept of learning to hope despite what was going on in the world and in my own life.

When I first began writing, I had no idea how relevant the theme of learning to hope would be.  I used the long period of social isolation to journal our collective experiences as the world shut down.  Then in the midst of Covid-19, riots broke out across America in response to racial injustice. Covid seemed like it would never end. A controversial election loomed.  We were pushed to our emotional limits.  There had to be a way to find hope in the midst of instability; there had to be a way through the challenges in front of us.

Then I had a realization while I was writing the opening song.  I thought, what if hope is not a human concept at all? Sometimes we can’t see it, but it’s still there. What if hope comes from some other source? Like God? If this is true, it means no one can take hope away from you. And so came the theme of the album: ‘Hope is something that can’t be taken.’  I hope this album inspires you to find the way through whatever challenges you’re facing now and in the future.”  -Vandarth


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