The Vandarth Ultimate Digital Box Set

Get every official Vandarth release, unreleased albums and more!

The Vandarth Ultimate Digital Box Set is packed full of music and behind-the-scenes content for the serious fan.  It includes all of Vandarth’s official albums plus several surprises, including Vandarth’s very first unreleased album, a second unreleased demo album and audio commentary on the making of the album Space Coffin.  This package includes:

1. The Way Through album
Contains 10 songs

2. The Essentials album
Contains 17 songs

3. Space Coffin album
Contains 13 songs

4.  Space Coffin Deluxe Edition album
Includes 3 and a half hours of music & audio commentary tracks from Vandarth.
Think of it as an audio book with music!

5.  The Escape album
My very first Vandarth album from 2009.  Contains 12 songs, some of which also appeared on The Essentials.

6.  Gateway of Destruction album
11 demo songs from my unreleased 2nd album.
Only available in this fans-only digital box set!

7.  Singles
One Long Year (unreleased), Last One Down and The Truth Is Out There


The Vandarth Ultimate Digital Box Set is available for $50.  Click the button below to order with PayPal!



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