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Thank you for purchasing my music.  Your support means a lot to me and I wouldn’t be able to continue this journey without you.

As a way of saying THANK YOU for your support, I wanted to offer you a special chance to get a special “FANS ONLY” digital box set I put together that includes unreleased tracks, audio commentary with behind-the-scenes info, and ALL of my other albums. Normally this package costs $50, but you can add it to your purchase today only for a special price of 24.95. That’s over 50% off the normal price. This is one small way for me to say THANK YOU for your support.


1. The Way Through album
Contains 10 songs

2. Get Loud (B-sides) album
Contains 13 songs

3. The Essentials album
Contains 17 songs

4. Space Coffin album
Contains 13 songs

5.  Space Coffin Deluxe Edition album
Includes 3 and a half hours of music & audio commentary tracks from Vandarth.
Think of it as an audio book with music!

6.  The Escape album
My very first Vandarth album from 2009.  Contains 12 songs, some of which also appeared on The Essentials.

7.  Gateway of Destruction album
11 demo songs from my unreleased 2nd album.
Only available in this fans-only digital box set!

8.  Singles
The Truth Is Out There
People Like You (The Audience Collaboration Song)

9.  Instrumental Film Compositions
Cinematic, orchestral instrumentals intended for film and video games
Only available in this fans-only digital box set!


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