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“…An electrifying and emotionally complex journey… like an audio book and album rolled into one.”

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About the Deluxe Edition:  Space Coffin Deluxe is the most in-depth way to experience the music.  I wanted to create an experience similar to a “making-of” video, documentary or backstage pass; something for people who like to know every detail about the songs and what they’re about.  Space Coffin is the deepest journey I have created so far.  With three and a half hours of content, it’s like an audio-book with songs mixed through-out.  The song list is the same as the standard version of the album, but each song comes with a commentary track that I created.  These tracks explain what was going on in my life when the song was written, how it was written and what the lyrics mean.  There are some funny stories mixed throughout and this version of the album offers a close-up look at how I operate as a songwriter.  It’s very open, honest and vulnerable, which to be honest is a bit scary for me.  Even if you know me well, you’ll probably learn something new from the Deluxe Edition.  If you like podcasts, audio books or bonus features, you might enjoy the Deluxe Edition.  I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your feedback on this in-depth experiment.

About Space Coffin:  Atmospheric alt/rock with a heavy twist, Space Coffin is an epic and emotionally complex journey.  Throughout the writing and recording of this album, I faced some of the most difficult challenges of my life.  I am sure you can relate to some of them and maybe your own journey has been even crazier than mine.  Throughout the making of this album, I experienced the beginning and end of important relationships, moved halfway across the country to pursue a career in music, paralyzed one of my vocal cords and finally moved to a new city (again).  These songs are a journal of the events and emotions I experienced during this journey, covering everything from excitement, adventure, shock, devastation, to spiritual exploration and the road to healing.

At times, Space Coffin is filled with power and passion.  At other times, thoughtful reflection on the journey.  The album is intended to be a connecting point between the artist and listener; the music is a place where we can process the challenges that shape all of us while learning from them so we can move toward the future.  Hopefully there are plenty of melodic hooks and pounding beats throughout so if all else fails, at least we can head-bang together!

About Vandarth:  Vandarth’s sound is a wall of thick guitars and memorable vocal melodies. Drawing inspiration from 90’s garage bands, the passion and energy behind each song is infectious. There is something honest and open about the music he writes, as if each song was lifted directly from the pages of a personal journal. His unique combination of vulnerable lyrics and driving energy create a very intimate and enjoyable listening experience.

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