Last One Down by Vandarth – Available Now!

Hey there!  Ready to unleash your adventurous side and blaze a new trail??  My new rock anthem Last One Down is a song about chasing our dreams… particularly dreams that are unusual and defy the “norm,” like rock ‘n roll, moving or starting your own business.  This song is about the excitement we feel as we set out on that journey.  The possibilities seem endless.  While I’m normally more of a rocker and headbanger, I stretched myself when writing this song just as the experiences that inspired it stretched me.  Check out the teaser video below and let yourself dream a little!

Hear the full song below:

Song Details:

Influenced by:  The song Wake Up by Arcade Fire and Coldplay’s album Viva La Vida

Where to get it (links): Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and most other streaming and download platforms in the universe.  The song will also be arriving here on Amazon Music, but its Amazon release was delayed due to COVID-19.

Release Date:  June 15, 2020

Background vocals performed by Tyler Habig

Behind The Song:

Not only is this song about the thrill of chasing a dream, it’s also about what that journey costs us.  Anything worth pursuing comes at a cost.  In my case, chasing my dream meant moving across the country to a new city in search of a career in rock music.  While the new possibilities seemed endless, the cost was high; relationships, time, money, potential career growth, and (only half-jokingly) my Nintendo 64!  Life is a funny equation like that.  I have learned that you can’t gain something valuable in life without losing something that’s also valuable, but that doesn’t mean the journey won’t be worth it.  Check out this behind-the-song teaser, plus a glimpse at the 80’s-esque guitar solo.

It actually took several years to complete this song because my own quest to follow my dreams stalled and nearly ended.  When I was living and performing in Austin, TX, I paralyzed my right vocal cord and was unable to sing for a year.  I left Austin and moved to Wichita, KS to start my life over.  It looked like my musical career had come to a grinding halt.  After a long recovery of learning to sing correctly, I wrote the final verse to this song which discusses the moment when it seemed like my journey had come to an end.  But as the third verse says, “I think I’ve got one final trick up my sleeve.”  Years later, I would eventually return to singing, recording and performing live again, which has been such a sweet feeling after it seemed like that dream had been lost.

For me, this song represents keeping the dream alive.  If you are a dreamer like me, chances are you’ve hit a time in your life when you could no longer see the way forward.  When that day comes I hope you remember this song.  I hope it inspires you to find a way to keep your dream alive and give it one more shot.  Rock on!

Tyler Habig pictured with his dog!

Special thanks to Tyler Habig who added background vocals to this song.  He belted out those high notes on the chorus that really make the song what it is.  I’ve known Tyler for years and he’s a very talented up-and-coming composer and producer.  He has his own solo project called Komptoro.  More recently he’s won some national awards for symphonic compositions which you can find here.  I am thrilled to be working with Tyler again on my upcoming acoustic album which is currently in production.  More on that soon!  Thanks so much for listening!


Nathan (aka Vandarth)

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