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A fun collection of catchy and memorable B-sides from Vandarth’s first 10 years

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Get Loud (B-Sides) is a fun, upbeat arena rock album filled with polished unreleased songs from the Space Coffin era. The term “B-Sides” sells these songs short; Get Loud plays like a standalone album.  While many of the songs were recorded in a dusty unfinished basement, their sound is big enough to fill arenas.  The shining example is the song Real Men Live In Trees which was regularly featured on NFL Network’s show Good Morning Football.

A note from the artist: Get Loud takes you back to that period of young adulthood that you dream of reliving.  It captures the nostalgia of the college years or living out on your own for the very first time when the world felt like your personal playground.  For me, it is a journal of my early-to-mid 20’s while struggling to achieve the dream of becoming a career musician.  The album kicks off with Last One Down featuring Komptoro (Tyler M. Habig) who arranged strings and synth on my last album The Way ThroughLast One Down is a song I wrote about moving across the country to Austin, Texas in search of opportunity.  The songs that follow have a sense of adventure.  That time in my life had a certain “magic” to it; it truly felt like anything could happen at any moment.  From living with friends in a run-down college house to performing weekly in downtown Austin, it was one of those periods of life we frequently dream of returning to.

At the same time, pursuing that dream of a music career came with a great deal of risk.  It cost several romantic relationships and I was frequently broke, trying to figure out how to eat meals for under $1.  Starving Artists Unite is a track that captures this experience well; ‘How’s a man supposed to follow his destiny and let his body starve?’  I never reached the success I hoped to find during that time period, but it significantly changed who I would become as a person.  Many of these songs are favorites of mine because they capture that time period so accurately.  Other songs contain lyrics that are somewhat embarrassing to me today, but I included them because they are a part of my story.  You’ll either relate to them or get a chuckle out of them.  Either way, I hope you enjoy these songs and the stories they tell.  It’s a big, loud summertime album.  Roll down the windows and pretend you’re twenty again!”    -Vandarth


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