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Hi there!  I’m looking for a home for the songs in the playlist below.  These songs have not been previously licensed.  I have instrumental underscores available for the songs that have vocals.  I can also provide stems for remixing.  Please let me know if you have any questions, thanks!

Composer:  Nathan Andrew Snyder (ASCAP IPI #561588621)

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My previous TV/Film placements include:  The Netflix series Cable Girls (Season2 Episode 6), the video game Saints Row V: Gat Out Of Hell, Nitro Circus: The Movie, Canadian television series Lost Girl, the NFL Network show Good Morning Football, WWE wrestler Baron Corbin’s theme song.  My songs have been licensed by Sony, PepsiCo Inc, CBS, NBC, Redline Films, Architect Films, PGA Tour Network, Nascar Media Network, Bell Media Network and more.

Thank you for listening!