Oh well, I still appreciate the feedback!  Thanks for your honesty!  It means a lot.  You know, honestly, I thought the lyrics to this song were kind of dumb, which is why I cut it from the album.  In fact, one of my friends in Austin just laughed when I played this song for him!  I realized it’s kind of silly myself!  Hey, at least it made somebody laugh!  Hopefully I’ll find a song you like soon.  In the meantime, here’s a bonus for sharing with me!

You’ve unlocked a BLOOPER VIDEO!  It’s a near-guitar-disaster caught on camera!

In March 2020 during the coronavirus quarantine, I was hosting a Facebook Live concert.  Halfway through the song Intergalactic Dating Service, a screw popped out of my Les Paul electric guitar and I almost dropped it!  I had to try to finish the song without a guitar strap!

That guitar was quite heavy!  Check out this video and watch me try to figure out how to finish the song without dropping my guitar.  You’ll even get to watch the strap fall off in slow motion towards the end.  Whew.  That could have been a disaster!

Thanks for being a listener!!