Free Song Download:  Wingman

Welcome to space, cadet! This next song, Wingman, is a raw guitar-driven garage rock song about a martian clone war!  Listen or download below!

Download the Free Song Here:  Vandarth-Wingman.mp3


Quick Summary:

  • Style:  Garage Rock, Space Rock!
  • Mood:  Fast & Rockin’!
  • Influenced by: Early Foo Fighters, Starcraft the video game, and the movie Starship Troopers!
  • What it’s about:  A fictional clone war set on Mars.  It’s about two best friends deployed to fight a space war on mars.  They make a pact to watch out for each other as they face an unknown enemy on an unfamiliar planet.
  • Why it didn’t make the album:  I loooove the opening riff and the spacey effects on the chorus, but the song doesn’t have my strongest lyrics or a catchy chorus. I do like the line “You can’t run from what you don’t know” though.  This song was part of a 10-song space opera.  The only song from that space-opera to make the final album was Intergalactic Dating Service, one of the Space Coffin singles.  Hope you like it!


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