Download the new Vandarth song


…the opening song from the upcoming album Space Coffin, available on January 30th 2020.  We Partied During the Zombie Apocalypse is a fictional sci-fi song where, rather than run or make an epic last stand, we decide to board up the doors and windows of a house, crank up the guitars and party until the zombies break in.  Sure, it might seem like fiction, but to be honest, it has some psychological truth to it.  Writing this song was my way of symbolizing that I wasn’t sure how to deal with some of the problems and challenges in my life just yet.  Maybe sometimes we need a break from reality.  At that moment in my life, I needed a breather from the chaos, so I fictionalized a situation where I could ignore the chaos of the real world and focus on what I loved to do: play guitar and spend time with people.

But I wouldn’t hide from my problems forever.  The other 12 songs on Space Coffin will tell that story.  If you want to have the most complete behind-the-song experience, look for the Deluxe Edition of Space Coffin on January 30th 2020, which will feature behind-the-song audio commentary for every single song.  It’ll be something like the special features on a blu-ray or DVD.  I can’t wait to share the full journey with you, but for now, enjoy this free MP3.  Thank you so much for supporting me through my music!  -Sincerely, Nathan (aka Vandarth)

Download Link: Free MP3 - We Partied During The Zombie Apocalypse - single