Free Song Download:  Household Abandoned

Ahoy!  As a way to say thanks for headbanging along to the music with me, here’s another free unreleased song from the Space Coffin sessions.  Stream or download the song below!

Free Download Link:  Vandarth-Household-Abandoned.mp3


Quick Summary:

  • Style:  Hard Rock, Alternative
  • Mood:  Energetic, edgy
  • Influenced by:  Uhh… I don’t even know.  Foo Fighters & Chevelle?
  • Why it didn’t make the album:  This is one of the better early songs from the Space Coffin sessions.  I really don’t know why I cut this one other than I just couldn’t figure out where to put it in the lineup!  It is a definite headbanger, and I love the raging riff on the verses and the sense of wonder on the chorus.


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