Behind The Song: We Partied During The Zombie Apocalypse!

We Partied During The Zombie Apocalypse… it’s a thought-provoking title, right?  Sure, I may have played a few too many video games when I wrote this song, but it was actually a way for me to express some of the difficulties I was dealing with in life through science fiction.  There’s a fun, mysterious side to this song, but there are some deep psychological truths here that maybe I didn’t even realize when I originally wrote it.  It’s basically a song about the shock we experience after life has hit us hard.  Sometimes we’re not quite ready to deal with it; we need a little breather and we just want to have some fun and recharge before we’re ready to face the damage.  Maybe that’s where I was at when I wrote We Partied During The Zombie Apocalypse.  You can listen to the full story and hear the song in the podcast below.

Special thanks to my friend Matt Bauler who took the photo pictured above at Kirby’s Beer Store in Wichita!  Hope you all enjoy the podcast and song!